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The younger daughter of Diego Armando Maradona, Gianina, 21, gave birth to a child in the clinic Montepríncipe, Boadilla del Monte, Madrid. The baby son of her boyfriend, Argentinean striker of Atletico Madrid's Sergio Kun Agüero, has thus become the first grandson of the sports star, who now acts as coach of the Argentine.
The initial information that had been Gianina birth came in the morning, when kun aguero never arrived at the Athletic Madrid club. Shortly after it was confirmed that the player had arrived at six o'clock in the morning to the clinic, earlier had been hospitalized his girlfriend.

The child, who has called Benjamin, was born after a birth with no complications.

The proud maternal grandfather, Maradona, meanwhile, has remained all the time next to his youngest daughter, as he travelled to Madrid just over a week not to miss the birth of her first grandchild. The rest of the family of the young mother is still in Argentina, but will travel to Spain within the next few hours.

Gianina and Kun will continue living with his son in Madrid, consolidating the relationship that has been in Madrid for ten months and already has one of its most important results.

kun aguero father