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Sergio, Kun Aguero was born in the neighborhood of Flores, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began playing, at a very early age, at the club called Independiente (IAC) of Argentina, the club he loves. Already in the lower divisions began to demonstrate his capacity and capabilities in practice soccer. The Kun participated in several tournaments in the lower divisions, always representing the club Independiente. He won the title of champion in the tournament of 9 division which organized the Argentine Football Federation.

It was convened by the technical divisions below for joining the national team in the “Under 20” world championship, he played in Holland 2005, where they won the title of world champion, which he shared with his friend and actually figure of football World; Lionel Messi. It was noteworthy during this tournament, Kun performance in the match in which Argentina played at Nigeria, which was tied at one goal entering later Sergio Aguero to make a difference when he won a penalty for argentina, which Messi converted to finish the match winning by 2 to 1.

Was in the Apertura championship in 2005 the time of departure of Sergio Aguero, which stands out as a big crack of football. Throughout this tournament played a total of 19 games and converted 9 goals, which produced that won fourth place in the table of scorers of the Argentine tournament.

They are without any doubt the sum of its technical basis, his physical ability, speed and skill that they have highlighted among the very good players that the tournament's official Argentine first division soccer has. It was because a impressive performance of Kun Agüero, the club Independiente made a very good campaign, and allowed him to escape the spectre of decline in the second division.

Kun Aguero